Friday, May 28, 2010

Web Resources

On June 7th I'm presenting Second Life to a group of folks from districts all over our BOCES area. As part of that presentation, I want to direct them to some websites. So for all of you from the workshop, here you go!

Daden white papers -- Daden is a research company that has done several studies on the use of virtual world by various populations. This is the paper I talked about at the workshop (Or I hope I will, I'm writing this before I actually give the workshop!)

Virtual World News -- a blog directed primarily toward IT professionals on what's new in the various virtual worlds

Second Life's homepage -- a great place to explore, an easy place to get lost in...

Second Life wiki -- SL's official wiki, where you can get all your questions answered. And if the answer isn't there, there's a spot to ask the question.

The State of Play -- this is the book I referred to at the start of the presentation. My students each took a chapter; chose three quotes from the text and held a discussion with the class based on those three major points.

Virtual Worlds Wiki -- this is the wiki I use with my class. Come on over and take a look. Just remember, this is primarily student-written and developed. Under the Resources link on the first page you will find student-centered resources; under the Articles link you'll find articles I've required them to read and discuss in their journals.

Second Life can find in Niche Virtual World Events -- article detailing how SL still has a place among other, growing, virtual worlds (the statistic about the number of schools using SL came from this article).

PowerPoint slides from the presentation -- If you'd like to refer to any of the slides I showed during the presentation, here they be!

To those of you joining me for the first time, welcome! Hope the above links prove useful :).


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