Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting closer

We've spent the past month mostly spinning our wheels. Grrrrr.... But there is light up ahead and we're hopeful we can actually be inword by the time the kids get back from Thanksgiving vacation. BOCES has finished creating the student account application they needed to create and now we are in the hands of the Lindens, waiting for them to approve us so we can log the kids into SL for the first time. I'm also pestering The Powers That Be on my end to make sure we have a computer lab ready to go with the program loaded onto the computers so we can hit the ground running as soon as we get that approval.

If I've learned anything these past few months, it's that I hate being at everyone else's mercy. I know they're doing their jobs -- but boy, did I underestimate the amount of time all these levels would take. I had prepared enough lessons for several weeks -- but we're now at week eleven. I ran out of lesson plans a LONG time ago. Now we're all in wait-and-see mode and keeping our fingers crossed for December 1st.

The news is not all grim, however! I just got an email from Kristine Molnar of PBWiki asking permission to feature our wiki in their monthly newsletter! Yay! The kids are excited about that and several immediately rushed to the computers to clean up grammar and spelling in their journals. Suddenly knowing that people from all over the world would be looking at their work made those skills more important to them!

So I'm doing the happy dance and thrilled to know we're getting closer!