Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Research projects

The research projects are moving along, but we've identified a few problems along the way. Most of the trouble stems from the fact that our site-blocker (whom I've nicknamed "George" after the big, fluffy monster who picks up Bugs Bunny and says, "Oh! A bunny! I'll hug him and keep him and I will call him 'George.'") keeps stopping the kids from exploring.

Because most of the virtual worlds are still listed as games (and there are some great conversations going on concerning the differences), George blocks student's access to the sites. So here I am, trying to educate them on what a virtual world is, and I can't get them out to examine them. I want the kids to come up with their own definition of "virtual world" and "game" so exploring both is the foundation of this research project.

The kids have been great about it, though. Several have done their exploring at home, trying out various games and worlds and making their own decisions. Imagine that! Students thinking on their own! What a concept! They're also writing me journal entries on the wiki that I hope to use to pinpoint the exact frustrations so they can be addressed.

Still not in Second Life, btw. I mean me, not the kids. BOCES still hasn't isolated the trouble as to why even I can't manage to get inworld. Am hoping this will be figure out soon!

Have fun,

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