Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sorry for not posting recently...I've been away on vacation. Needed to take some time away from the computer and revist the real world. :)

I've been keeping up with the assignments for my wiki summer camp, learning how to use the security features and how to invite kids to participate who don't have email addresses. Our school provides free email accounts to every single student, but I often have kids who either just don't see a need for email (with Facebook, why would you need one?), or whose parents don't want them to have one (although they will often let their child get a school one because of the stringent filters we have). Every year I have to build wait time into the curriculum before I can use whatever Web 2.0 system I'm trying out (messageboards, Moodle, wiki) because I can't sign students in until they have an email account.

But now, with this new feature of PBWiki...I can be ready to go within days rather than weeks. Once I get my list of students for the Virtual Worlds course, I can just put their names in and voila! In fact, I can be up and running before the first class even meets. A VERY cool time-saver! And, since I'm planning to post all the journal assignments there (and have students keep their journals online), being able to have access right away is a wonderful option.

Off to answer emails...


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