Friday, July 18, 2008

baby steps

Bit-by-bit we're getting there. The estate manager of the sims I will be working in has created a group, I've been invited in. She's given me permissions and I should be all set to set up my in-world office soon. Although I'm not really sure how I'll use the space as an office. Wish I had brought over an inbox so kids could leave me notecards easily.

Which leads me to a small problem with adults on the Teen Grid. Because we're essentially "prisoners" of our islands (adults are confined only to the sims in which they will be teaching) and because our avatars can have NO contact with the "other" SL (the adult grid), there is no way to get any items one might discover one needs after the transfer has completed. I tried to get some freebie stuff from SLExchange that would be useful for the kids...and was denied. I can't even send anything from my regular SL avatar. I'm on the SLED list-serv and every once in a while I discover something new that would be helpful (the NMC has a teacher's box on thier island free for the taking. Who knew?) but I don't bother picking it up because there isn't a way to get it to myself anymore. This is a frustration.

Other than that...having fun!


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