Friday, June 20, 2008

project proposals

Being on the edge of something new is exciting...and a little daunting. I've filled out two project proposals in the past week, and each group wants different information. Although the process is time-consuming, filling out this paperwork is good for me in that it forces me to approach this project from different perspectives, giving me a deeper understanding of what I want to accomplish. The proposal for our local BOCES asked me to apply the idea of education in virtual worlds to the NYS Learning Standards...and when I did, I was amazed to discover this proposal covers almost every single one. The few it doesn't, can easily be picked up by future classes as more subject areas begin to develop in-world projects.

I've created the avatar I will be moving over to the Teen Grid and am in the process of loading him up with all sorts of goodies. Yes, I said him. I'm curious as to how the students will react to a male teacher vs a female one. Most of my students at this point are boys. A little sociology experiment of my own.

Anyway, I visted the ISTE island the other night and met a wonderful docent who gave me lots of clothing to pass out to the kids when they get onto our island(s). She also made a good point about the teacher needing to have things to hand the girls as well as the boys, so my inventory is now overflowing with clothes for both genders. I need to make some time to go through it all and toss the junk and organize the rest into folders that make sense to me. I've also rented a small apartment so I have a spot to change my clothes in (was changing behind a tree...probably not a good example to set!) and to rez the boxes I need to open. I also will make boxes of things to hand to the students (or to let them fact, that might be more fun. A scavanger hunt to find outfits? hmmm...I sense a lesson plan coming on...). It's costing me about $1.50 US a week right now to give Thespis a place to call "home".

Off to find the moodle where I will also post my virtual educational journeys...happy explorations!


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